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    We have a new favorite now, Sydney Grace. How do ya'll think it compares to the others?

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    Tessa Grace is very pretty, it's my favourite from your list.
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    Tessa is my favorite from your list.

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    We have a new favorite now, Sydney Grace. How do ya'll think it compares to the others?

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    Brynn and Avilyn both read trendy to me.

    Shelby Ann is sweet and pretty but with Johnson it just kind of blends into the woodwork.

    Tessa is very pretty tho. I met the sweetest little 4 year old Tessa recently and everyone I was with remarked on her pretty name.

    It's yr baby but I would stay away from Grace as a middle. It is right up there with Rose as the most overused and now banal middle name ever.

    Tessa Margaret is nice. And I second Tessa Lucille. Tessa Caroline is pretty too.

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    Sydney is boring to me, frankly. It was all the rage 10 or 15 years ago and now it sounds like a once-trendy name that is now played out. That's my honest opinion. And Grace as a middle is blah. Now Grace as a first, tho popular, I quite like.

    I think with your last name if you're looking for something striking Sydney is not it.

    Tessa hits that sweet spot of names that are just a tad unexpected without being weird.
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