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    Girl names are harder to choose!

    Hi, my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and we are having a fun time picking out name early. We are set on Wyatt for a boy but it seems like girl names are just harder to choose! I will love a name and he will hate it. These are the ones we've sort of agreed on:

    Brynn Margaret
    Shelby Ann
    and either Tessa or Avilyn Grace

    What do ya'll think? Please let me know! We need some feedback! Our last name is Johnson, and since Johnson is so common we'd like something unique but not crazy!

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    I'm really loving Brynn Margaret!
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    I love Tessa and Brynn!

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    Avilyn Grace Johnson is my favorite, but I prefer Adalyn or Ava.

    Ava Grace Johnson is sweet!

    Brynn is a trendy name that will be dated in years to come, and Shelby is already a dated name.

    I like Tessa OK.
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    I love Tessa!

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