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    Quote Originally Posted by lcmpdx View Post
    I personally do not like alliteration, although Oliver Ostman sounds alright to me. Is it just the sound of Owen and Oliver that you like, or is it the meaning? If it is just (or mainly) the sound, what about:

    Have you been peeking at our list? Logan and Noah are both on our short list, although Noah is awfully popular right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I love alliteration and don't understand why some people turn their noses up at it. Sure, there are times when alliteration is not so great. But Clark Kent? Peter Pan? Luna Lovegood? Bilbo Baggins? At least admit that alliteration makes some memorable character names.
    I agree!

    I love Oliver Ostman. It's just the right amount of alliteration in my opinion. I think Owen sounds way too close to your last name for it to be usable. From your list, I also love Ian! I think the beginning of the name doesn't matter as much as the ending of a name because with the ending of a name, you can get something that runs together or (like what Owen does) sounds too similar to one another.

    I think Oliver Ostman and Ian Ostman sounds great!
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    I feel you! Our name is pronounced similar to Owen-bee and my favorite names for a long time has been Olivia and Elizabeth.

    I do think alliteration can work. Oliver Ostman sounds great. Owen & Ian don't sound as good, but not bad.

    I think Ethan Ostman also sounds great.

    I'd stay away from August Ostman, that's a bit too much similarity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maggiemary View Post
    I think Oliver Ostman is a great sounding names.

    Owen Ostman not so much, as both names start and end in the same letters, so the flow isn't as good.

    I like alliterative names.
    Agreed. I think Oliver Ostman is pretty amazing! I also really love Ian Ostman and August Ostman. Particularly August, but it's mainly just because I love August in general!
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