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    I would delegate Suza to nickname material, unfortunately. Especially because there are already so many great Susan variations already. Suzanne, specifically, or Susannah . Fun nickname, sturdy full... you can't really go wrong with that.

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    I would totally go with the more formal name of Susan (or Susanna) and call her Suza as a nickname. People will assume Suza is a nn and she is bound to be asked about it a lot. I can't help but think having a more formal name to fall back on would be appreciated. I happen to really love the names Susan and Susanna(h). From your list of other considerations, I like Petra.
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    Susannah or Susan with nickname of Zuza!

    I really like Petra and Mila from your list!
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    If I met a kid named Suza, I would assume her parents were big into marching bands. I think that you and your husband are so far apart stylistically, that you're going to have to come up with a compromise. I think your best option, as others have said, is to come up with a traditional name that satisfies him with a quirky nn that you like.

    How about:
    Susan/Susannah- nn Sosie, Zanna, Zuzu
    Beatrice/Beatrix- nn Trixie, Betsy, Bixie
    Elizabeth- nn Libby, Zibby
    Catherine- nn Kit
    Under construction...

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