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    im going name crazy

    hey yall we need help naming our first little girl due in may.... we cant agree on names at all.. we have 2 boys already Mason and Beau.. looking for a girls name that will go great with our strong boy names... so far i have down. Willow grace, Willow jane, Olive grace, Stella grace, Olive madeline, Sophie madeline (both of our brothers first names are matthew thought that would be nice) Grace is my great grandmothers name but we dont have to use family names.. i love these names and Amelia, june, claire, lucy.. if the baby was a boy the names were Colton matthew, or Cash . i love old fashion/ country flare.. my hubby is no help, all he says is he likes girly names.. please help me.. im going name crazy

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    Willow, Stella & Sophie all sound beautiful alongside Mason & Beau! (Love Mason and Beau by the way! Both lovely names. As are your choices for #3!)

    Maybe ask Mason and Beau for help, if they are old enough? Tell them a few names you like and ask which they like the best. It could help them bond with their little sister, knowing they helped name her!

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    My favorite would be Willow Grace. Have you thought about Grace in the first name spot?
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    we all as a family decided on Kimberlynn , after my mom who passed away Kimberly- but the more and more my oldest said it it made him sad he is 9 and the little guy is 2 1/2. so we decided to come up with something different. Our oldest likes Willow, olivia, charleigh.. the little one says no to everything....

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    Stella, Mason and Beau are charming!

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