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    My kids names-what would you propose for another boy & girl

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new and from Poland,fascinated by names...
    My kids are Lilianna Maia(called Lila),Idalia Veronika(called Ida,EE-DUH)and Leonard Antoni(called Leo).
    I'm not really planning any more kids(at least not in the near future) but I wonder what names would you propose for another boy and girl?
    My girls' names have flowers in them(Lilia and Dalia are Lily nad Dahlia in Polish)and my boy's an animal of course(Leo-lion)and I can't think of more names that would fit very well with these three.

    Glad to join Nameberry,I've been looking at this site for a while

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    (I married into a polish family, but my polish is still terrible!)

    I love your children's names, Idalia Veronika is beautiful! A few thoughts for girls...
    Sylwia (the forest meaning seems to fit with your nature names)

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    Lilianna Maia is such a beautiful name!

    Maybe for Girls:
    Camellia (english, specific species of flower)
    Bidelia or Bedelia (irish name meaning goddess)
    Ianthe (greek name meaning "purple flower")
    Delphine (french name meaning dolphin)
    Leilani (hawaiian name meaning heavenly flower)
    Lorelei (german meaning alluring)

    I think these are somewhat similar in sound to your others, if not in theme. Hope I helped a little bit!
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