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    Marian vs. Michaela

    I am due in a few days, need help deciding on a middle name. We are pretty much set on Jane if it's a girl. Last name sounds like "Fellowes."


    P.S. Forgot that my husband put the middle name "Louise" back on the table (it's my grandmother's middle name). I know Louise is somewhat trendy now, but I do like the sound of "Jane Louise." Thoughts?
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    I love the name Jane!

    I much prefer Marian. It's so classic, yet it seems fresher with all the Michaelas, Mikaylas, and Makaylas running around.
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    Jane Marian is lovely! Michaela feels dated and trendy in comparison.
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    I don't mind Michaela in the classic spelling, especially since it's a middle. I think Jane Michaela has a much better flow than Jane Marian, so I voted for that.

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    They are both great options, honestly. In a vacuum I voted for Michaela, as Jane Marian was a bit N-heavy and I enjoyed the 1-3-2 syllable count of Jane Michaela Fellowes.
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