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    Some lovely suggestions! Thank you :~)
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    I will say that I have a very soft spot for Isolde because I love the meaning, and was in the process of trying to convince my husband that we could use it as a middle name.....until I said it out loud in the middle name spot. All we heard was "Aveline is old". I was very sad because I knew I could never get him to agree after that. Unless I'm pronouncing it incorrectly?

    I'd say it's very usable as a first name if you can get your hubby on board. I think mine thought it was too harsh sounding.

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    I have a question about this name... How is it pronounced?

    Isolde is like E-zold or E-sold.
    Iseult is like E-solt or E-sult?
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    I like the name, but only as a first. When its in the middle, for example, Elizabeth Isolde, I hear Elizabeth is old. I think its a lovely first name though.

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    You know, I've heard it pronounced several different ways.

    IZZ-old, ISS-old
    EE-zold, EE-sold
    iz-ZOLD, iss-OLD
    ee-ZOLD, ee-SOLD
    iz-ZOLD-eh, iss-OLD-eh
    ee-ZOLD-eh, ee-SOLD-eh
    iz-ZOLD-ee, iss-OLD-ee
    ee-ZOLD-ee, ee-SOLD-ee

    Not sure which is correct, or even if there's only one correct pronunciation.
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