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  • Augustine John Isaac

    16 29.63%
  • John Hugo Isaac

    24 44.44%
  • Gabriel Isaac Guy

    19 35.19%
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    Help! Augustine vs Hugo vs Gabriel

    We've settled on a girl name but I need some opinions on boys. Please tell me honestly if you think Augustine is too weird or if Hugo is too political (my husband thinks everyone will think of Hugo Chavez and I was like "Honestly? I doubt it," but you never know. Is Gabriel too popular now?

    Augustine (pronounced a-Gus-tin) John Isaac ----using Gus for the common name

    John Hugo Isaac ---- using Hugo for the common name -> my husband thought Hugo John didn't sound as good.

    Gabriel Isaac Guy ---- using Gabe or Gabriel for common name.

    My other kids are:
    Julian Luke Rodney
    Bethany Ann Teresa
    Theodore Matthew Rodney (both Grandpas have Rodney as their given name!)

    Thanks for your help!
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    I definitely like Gabriel the best out of your choices. It's classic and I like the Gabe nickname.

    Augustine seems like a mouthful to me for a kid - even with the Gus nickname. Our previous neighbor had a dog named Gus.....

    I love Hugo.... it's my dog's name.

    Sorry - I have dog connections for two of your names.
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    John Hugo Isaac sounds so perfect! I love Hugo!

    I also love Gus, and think John Isaac Augustine flows better than Augustine John Isaac.

    Love your combos!
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    It's between Hugo and Gabriel for me with a slight preference for Hugo. John Hugo Isaac doesn't sound quite right to me though. Would you consider John Isaac Hugo? Flow doesn't matter that much with middle names, but still.

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    I would rank them 1) Hugo, 2) Gabriel and 3) Augustine. Have you considered Hugh? I prefer Hugh to Hugo.

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