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    If my SO likes these names, he might also like...

    Because it is never too early to start name-priming (and also we've been together for 7.5 years, so the topic's going to come up at least occasionally), I often attempt to discuss names with my boyfriend, in order to a) get in his head and brainwash him into my way of thinking, and b) endeavor to discern wth his taste in names actually is. Mostly, these conversations go something like this:

    Him: "Tyson v. Holyfield!"


    Me: "Juniper is a cool name"
    Him: "Some of those Idris Elba vodka ads have the tagline 'grab life by the junipers'"
    Me: "Idris is a cool name too"


    Him: "I like that name"
    Me: "Well, good, because I also like that name"
    Him: "Hmm, now I don't think I like it anymore"

    However, after several conversations, I have a list of names that he has - at least once - admitted to liking. Unfortunately, it is not a very long list; we are going to end up with some weirdly matched sibsets (this doesn't really bother me, though, tbh), and also I feel a few of the names are creeping too far up the charts for my own comfort. I've thrown just about every name on my personal list at him, even things like "Hypatia" and "Claude," from which I felt certain he would recoil in horror. I need some new names to pitch to him! (He shot down my most recent list of name crushes tonight.) A list of SO-approved names follows below; * indicates those names he independently volunteered:

    Nona * (he volunteered this directly after shooting down Nina)
    Laurel (my Athena combo is Athena Laurel, though, so this will probably never be used as a fn)
    Maura or Moira
    - spent a while vacillating about Margot, though he doesn't seem sold...yet

    Cormac *
    Malcolm *
    Lane (as a mn only)
    - also seems tentatively amenable to Arthur

    He has expressed an aversion to "old-lady" names for girls and boys' names ending in 'n' (which, as you can plainly tell, is a rule he himself has violated at least twice, but he is very insistent about it nonetheless). Given the list above and these conditions, can you suggest some names he might like? Thanks so much!
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