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    Pregnant after miscarriage with no Aunt Flo in me!

    Hi all, I just found out on Saturday we are expecting! We are very excited, but...we just had a miscarriage one month ago and we were not planning on getting pregnant so soon, since the risk of miscarrying is somewhat increased. Surprise! We are overjoyed but could use some good thoughts/prayers if you have time--and of course need name suggestions! Annnddd I also have no idea when I'm due, nor does my doctor yet. Anyone been in this situation before?

    Big brother is Vincent Harrison (Vince, Vinny). If this baby is a boy, he will most likely be Walter Michael--thoughts? But where we really need help are girls name! DH and I cannot agree on much at all. The only thing we have narrowed down is/are the middle/s--either Faye or Hermione Patrice will be the middle name/s. Here are some ideas of what we kind of can agree on...

    Cecily--but I'm not crazy about the Cece nickname.
    Lilla nickname Lily--we both like, but Lily is just soooo overdone.
    Sylvia--just so-so on this
    Leona, nickname Leo--we're just so-so on this one too

    I'd say our style is vintage or just older names...we like nicknames, even spunky boyish nicknames. We'd like something heard of, but not super popular. Please help! Thank you so much!
    Emily Eileen
    .mommy to Vincent Harrison, Cecily Faye Patrice, and three special angels
    .girls: Lilla, Leona, Dorotea, Hermione, Sylvia
    .boys: Walter, Bram, Phillip, Elliott, Leo, Henry

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    Congratulations! I've been in the position of not knowing when I was due (no AF due to breastfeeding). An early ultrasound can give you a pretty good indication of your due date.

    I think Walter goes very well with Vincent. Of your girl names, Lilla is my favorite, although I think one of your middle name choices--Hermione--goes better with your boy name style.

    Beatrice (x)

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    Congratulations! You may like my latest little crush for a girl: Sybil, nickname Billie? Good luck!

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    Good luck! My doctor prescribed very low dose asprin for my successful pregnancy following miscarriage, you could ask your doctor if they think this would be right or potentially helpful for you.

    PS Cecily could have Lily as a nn instead of cece, a possible two names for the price of one win?

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    I love Walter! Great name with Vincent. I don't, however, like Faye or Hermione. I do love Cecily and Leona. Have you considered Lenore? Also great name.

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