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    My daughter's name is Bethany, and I get lots of compliments on it - girly and not-too-out-there. Also, my grandmother's name was Cora and I love that name too. Coraline is one of my top names!

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    I forgot about sweet Bethany! I do like that one.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Julia or Juliet would be gorgeous?

    I also think just Julie is sweet and sounds pretty fresh to me after years of being underused!

    Kiera is just Kiera Knightley to me so I can't get on board, but to be fair I find her really irritating so that's probably more my issue than a problem with the name!!

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    My name's Kiera! I really like my name, and it's sad that so many people associate it with Keira Knightly. I pronounce it the same way you do too, although be forewarned a lot of people pronounce it "key-era" sp
    I've had to do a lot of correcting people. From your list I also like Celeste, Cora and Suzette.

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    metami43 Guest
    Cecily--NMS but I do (for some reason) like the nn Cici
    Celeste--Again nms, but I like it better than Cecily
    Chanel---Very Pretty!
    Corrina--Sounds harsh to me
    Nadine--I have always liked this name.
    Noelle--I like it even better than Nadine
    Suzette--I like it very much
    Josette--I do not care for this one.
    Sadie --I likeit as a nn.
    Sierra--NMS but I like it
    Cora --Do not like
    Evelyn--I do not care for this which is weird because I like other versions of Eve
    Gwen--Never likied this
    Dawn--I have a good friend named Dawn, but do not like the name
    Bridget--I like Bridget!
    Kiera--I like Sierra a lot better.

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