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    Minna/Minnie: wdyt?

    We are trying to pick a name for our girl due soon, have discarded the only name we'd really agreed on so far because I am holding out hope of naming a future boy something very similar.

    My MIL has suggested Minna, which she says is an old family name on her side of the family (I don't know where the name actually comes from, but they're Swedish and Polish) that has fallen into disuse for the last couple of generations that she'd like to revive. I like old-fashioned names and so I do like Minnie, which I suppose we could use as a nickname, but then I wonder if the Disney character is too strong an association? Minna itself seems like it might be too unusual for regular use, but perhaps I am overthinking it?

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    I think Minna is lovely and could easily work for regular use, although Minnie is an adorable nickname. Love them both.

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    Minna has been on my list for several years and I think it would fit right in with today's little generation (notice the similarities: Minna, Brynna, Brenna, Jenna, Britta, Bella, Willa, Nella, Emma, Gemma). Minnie is a super cute nickname! Yes, Minnie Mouse is a strong association, but nicknames are typically just affectionate, sweet pet names anyway, and the Minnie Mouse link is nothing but positive, feminine, and fun. Honestly though, I wouldn't even think of the mouse right away. I would sooner think of the word "mini," which is also cute. I think Minna is a fantastic choice. It makes me think of mint--the flavor, and the soft shade of mint green. (Actually, Minta is also on my list. ) Good luck!

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    I love Minna! Minnie isn't a favorite; more than the mouse, it is sounding like mini (minimum, miniature, minuscule). I am curious about the prounciatron your MIL gave you.

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    I like Minnie better, and it could still be used as a nod to relative Minna. For some reason, Minna sounds to me like minnow, the fish. My grandmother provided the first voice of Minnie Mouse, so that name is special to me.

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