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    I think Minna is a beautiful name! Stoker's Dracula has a heroine named Mina (short for Wilhelmina). I am curious about the pronounciation you will use: Meena (long e) or Mina (short i)? I've heard it pronounced both ways.

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    My MIL pronounces it basically just like Minnie but with an 'a' on the end, which is why my mind went to Minnie for a nn.

    I'm open to pronouncing it either way, though my main concern with the long e sound would be it sounding like "meaner" - not exactly the connotation I want!

    We considered Wilhelmina, but my brother has a son William, so it's a no-go. Shame as it's a good strong name, but what can you do.

    DH says prefers Minna to Minnie for the birth certificate name, but is OK with Minnie as a nn. He thinks Minna matches up better to our surname, a partially anglicized Polish name that is still recognisably Polish. I also think it fitting that the fn honour his family as the mn has already been chosen and is a family name from my side that we didn't want to use as a fn because it's invariably shortened to a name I dislike.

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    I love love love Minna. I toyed with the idea of using this alone or as a nickname, and if alone then with the nickname Minnie, so I could call her Mini [mylastname] or Mini Me. I thought it was hilarious for a while to introduce her to friends as "the mini [lastname]."

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    Love it! I think it's a very strong choice and I like that you are honoring both sides of your family. I think that the nn Minnie is perfectly usable too. Of course, some people might associate it with Minnie Mouse, but I think that Minnie Driver made it a lot more acceptable as a real person name too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dresdendoll View Post
    My grandmother provided the first voice of Minnie Mouse, so that name is special to me.
    This fascinates me!

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