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Thread: Fritz?

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    I came across this name as a nn for Frederick and thought it was so charming! My immediate impression was that Fritz has that old-fashioned but fresh feel, but now I can't decide if I love it or if it is awkward sounding/too German/maybe better for a cat?

    What are your impressions of Fritz?

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    I also wonder if the USA is ready for Fritz. People are loving Kip, Pip, Piper, Bing... high-energy fizzy names. Fritz reminds me of The Nutcracker - feels like a Christmasy name to me. Great as a nickname for Frederick.

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    (Note: I have no idea where you live, so this is written from an American standpoint, and is how I feel Fritz would be viewed in the U.S.) It feels very European to me. If I saw Fritz on a class roster, I would assume that he was not born in the United States, and I wouldn't be surprised if he had a thick German accent. I would assume that Fritz is an immigrant. If he or his family had a strong connection to Germany, I'd say it could work, but otherwise I would find it odd on an all-American boy.

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    I think it is a fun name as a nickname for Friedrich but why not consider Franz? It would fit right in with the 'z and x' factor popularity right now.


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    I think of a cat. Or a sound. Just don't like it all. I think Frederick is cute though, sounds so royal!
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