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    Hi guys, time for another name thread! Just to remind you I will make one every couple days just to get your thoughts on each name separately. This will be my fourth one.

    The names I have left to ask you about are: Ambrose, Emilio, Roscoe and Viggo. (I already did threads for Valentino/Valentine and Pascal before I put them on the list).

    Just wanted to thank you guys for all of the feedback so far!!

    Now this one will be all about Apollo

    Please tell us your thoughts on Apollo! Be completely honest!

    It will also really help us if you could tell us a bit about why you like or don’t like Apollo...

    By the way; we won’t be using a nickname if we choose this one.

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    I'm not so much into the Olympian names myself, but Apollo is a cool name and it'd make a nice addition to your list. The one thing I worry about is Apollo not being versatile enough. It seems like an Apollo would have to be a little "out there" to pull it off, and he'd have to be the type of guy who wouldn't be bothered by some of the more, um, interesting mythology about Apollo.

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    I actually prefer the name Apollos. I don't care for Apollo because it comes so close to being a name that I like, but it's missing the S that completes it! Apollos has a lot of things going for it that I like that may or may not matter to you: cool, sleek, Biblical without sounding "religious" or "homeschooly," ancient but futuristic sounding at the same time, familiar and recognizable without being common, spelling and pronunciation are pretty clear-cut. I can't say I'm a fan of Apollo because again, it feels incomplete to me, but I think Apollos would be a great name to consider.

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    Apollo always makes me think of the Rocky movies! I think that an Apollo would have to live up to a lot; be an athletic and outgoing personality.

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    I love names from Greek mythology, Apollo included. It is one of my favorite names, and I would love to meet somebody named Apollo. Some people might think it is "pretentious", but I hate that word when used to describe names. To me it just seems like a good solid name with very interesting history and meaning. I don't think somebody would have to have one specific type of personality to pull off the name Apollo. I can imagine somebody studious and intelligent named Apollo, as well as somebody athletic and more out going.

    In all honesty, I have never met anybody whose name didn't suit them. Except for once, I met a very pretty young woman named Yollanda. I always considered that name to be old ladyish and thought it was so strange to meet somebody young named Yollanda. All it did was change my perception of the name. Now I consider the name to be fresh and elegant. Everybody makes their name their own.
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