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    Lovely new find - Radford

    I interviewed a woman today who was with her 2 year old son. His name is Radford. Nn ... RAD! How, ahem, Rad is that? I asked her about it and she said it's her maiden name. He is called Rad or Raddy for nicknames. I love it and had to share. If I hadn't juuuust narrowed down my boy's list it might sway me back into "undecided"
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    I grew up in Virginia and one of the "party schools" was Radford University, so it's not my favorite.
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    I'm not a huge fan of Surname-names (unless they're family names, like in this case, or my inexplicable love of Crosby) but I LOVE the nn Rad! I'm thinking about using it for Conrad!
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    The fact that it is her maiden name makes it adorable and perfect for him.

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    I love that it's her maiden name. That makes it so special. And Rad is a great nn.

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