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Thread: August Storey?

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    August Storey?

    Does August Storey sound nice for a boy? Or does Storey sound too much like a girl's name? I'm still trying to find a more whimsy type name to go with August. Help! I have 6 days til my due date
    Mom to daughters Rylin, Winslet, Stevie, and Weslynn

    And son August Oliver

    Girls: Cora, Tatum, Paisley, Hadley, Weslynn, Tegan, Victoria, Winslet, Madeline, Dusty, Elora, Kate, Stevie, Quin, Mariah, Hazel, Rylin, Aurora, Sutton, Evangeline, Sarah

    Boys: Maverick, Tristan, Wesley, Killian, August, Toby, Henry, Dorian, Breckin, Flynn, Easton, Oliver, Jack, Weston

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