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Thread: August Storey?

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    Great suggestions! I also just realized how it sounds like "August Tory". I'll toss out Storey and save it for a rainy day. So far from all the suggestions on here I really love...

    August Castle
    August Emery
    August Willoughby

    What about August Grimm? As in Grimm's Fairy Tales? Or does Grimm sound too harsh with August?
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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    It sounds too much like a sentence to me. Sorry.
    I agree.

    August Emery sounds great!

    ETA: Grimm is way too harsh sounding as a name, period. It doesn't have a pleasant meaning whatsoever. If you'd like to name a child after one of the brothers, I'd suggest August Jacob or August Wilhelm.
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    August is nice, but I wouldn't pair it with a word name. It just doesn't work. August Castle sounds like a place you only go to in winter (or summer, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere).

    August Willoughby is decent. I love the previous poster's suggestions of August Jacob or August Wilhelm.
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    It's funny, because I originally had Grimm on my long list for you (and it's a name I've suggested to other people). But then I removed it, thinking it might be too "grim" for something you intend to be whimsical.

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