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    Please help - last minute wobble!

    Our baby is due VERY soon and although we have picked two excellent first and middle name combos, I am having a last minute wobble.

    One of our options in Henry Gabriel (which we both LOVE) but this morning I was struck by the thought that perhaps it should be Henry Cy to honor my Dad. (My Dad is still with us BTW). I don't love the name Cy in the way I love Gabriel, (though it is rather cool) but I like it and of course I love the connection and meaning etc. DH thinks it's an "okay" name but loves my Dad and would be happy to use it. While my Dad doesn't like his name, I think he'd be really touched to know his grandson was named after him. None of the other grandchildren are. (Some extra info: we are using my maiden name as a second mn so perhaps that covers the honoring thing?)

    Gabriel was chosen for its lovely lyrical sound, its three syllable balance with a two syllable fn and a one syllable last name and because it has literary links for us - the name of one of our favourite authors and the initials H.G. are a little nod to another literary fave. This ties in perfectly with our daughter's literary-inspired name and initials. Plus it's a name I have always loved.

    But the sentimental pull of my Dad's name is strong!

    So, please share your thoughts with me:

    Henry Gabriel?


    Henry Cy?

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    I was going to suggest both, but I see you're using your maiden name as a second middle. I say, save Cy for your next son. You don't want your dad's full name in the middle of your son's name. Well, maybe you do, but that's a bit weird. Good luck, I'm sure you'll pick the perfect choice in the end.
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    I think Henry Gabriel works best. It flows better, it's the name you both love already, your dad doesn't like his name anyway and if you put your maiden name in, I think you're already honouring him. Henry Gabriel wins hands down.

    Is Cy short for anything? Henry Cyrus or Henry Cyril might stand a better chance against Henry Gabriel, as Cy just doesn't feel like a complete name to me.

    Good luck with whichever you go with
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    I think Henry Gabriel is lovely and flows beautifully.

    I'm not very fond of Henry Cy but it's not terrible.
    What about something that includes Cy, like Henry Cyrus or Henry Cyprian or Henry Cyrano?
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    Henry Gabriel is very handsome. Stick with it. Especially since you're using your maiden name as a middle - that certainly honors your father and his family.

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