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    Please help - last minute wobble!

    Our baby is due VERY soon and although we have picked two excellent first and middle name combos, I am having a last minute wobble.

    One of our options in Henry Gabriel (which we both LOVE) but this morning I was struck by the thought that perhaps it should be Henry Cy to honor my Dad. (My Dad is still with us BTW). I don't love the name Cy in the way I love Gabriel, (though it is rather cool) but I like it and of course I love the connection and meaning etc. DH thinks it's an "okay" name but loves my Dad and would be happy to use it. While my Dad doesn't like his name, I think he'd be really touched to know his grandson was named after him. None of the other grandchildren are. (Some extra info: we are using my maiden name as a second mn so perhaps that covers the honoring thing?)

    Gabriel was chosen for its lovely lyrical sound, its three syllable balance with a two syllable fn and a one syllable last name and because it has literary links for us - the name of one of our favourite authors and the initials H.G. are a little nod to another literary fave. This ties in perfectly with our daughter's literary-inspired name and initials. Plus it's a name I have always loved.

    But the sentimental pull of my Dad's name is strong!

    So, please share your thoughts with me:

    Henry Gabriel?


    Henry Cy?

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