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    Thanks for the suggestions so far!

    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Looking at classic girl names outside the US top 200, I suggest:

    Also saw Genevieve, Tessa & Eliza outside the top 200 which doesn't make them feel 'epidemic' to me. Perhaps you feel they're popular because they're nameberry favourites?
    Maybe they feel more popular because I keep seeing them on message boards, but it does seem like they're all on the rise. How far they end up moving on the popularity lists, who knows.
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    DD - due 5/7/13! Possible names: Tessa, Eliza, Clara, Juliet, Genevieve, Charlotte

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    I don't think any of those names strike me as common/popular at all, except perhaps Charlotte. And maybe Eliza, only because all the "El-" names are so popular, and they all kind of blend together after a while.

    I love Tessa! I also love Juliet, Clara and Genevieve.......they are ALL gorgeous! I think they would all be a great choice -- beautiful, classy and recognizable, without feeling trendy or popular. I also don't think you want to go too exotic with a son named James. The names on your list are perfect!

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    This is a really good list- I've looked through it for hours! It groups popularity by spelling too, so you know the actual popularity!
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    Eliza- Elodie, Elsa, Eliora, Liza, Liana, Eliska,
    Tessa- Theresa, Tirzah, Therese, Essa, Nessa, Odessa, Anisa, Alessandra, Carissa, Clarissa, Clarisse
    Juliet- Jett, Harriet, Lita, Vita, Amoret, Antoinette, Julissa, Jewel, Elisabette, Elisabetta, Margaret
    Genevieve- Geneva, Ginevra, Guinevere, Jenifry, Maeve, Eve, Navi, Jillian
    Clara- Lara, Cara, Kari (prn Car-ee), Chiara/Kiara, Cordelia, Clarisse, Clarissa
    Charlotte- Carlotta, Carly, Chiara, Sharon, Lottie, Allouette/Alouette, Celia, Clementine, Susannah

    Remember, it is hard to judge a name's popularity by message boards, especially ones with such different name tastes than the rest of the population.

    For example:
    Genevieve was the name for just 1,356 little girls- or around 0.0706%.
    1378 girls were named Tessa, and that name accounts for just 0.0718%.
    Just 1,241 little girls were called Eliza, or about 0.0648%.
    The romantic Juliet was borne by 1263 girls, or just 0.0658%.
    The percentages mean that hypothetically, out of ten thousand little girls born that year, less than a quarter of one girl is named Genevieve, Eliza, Juliet or Tessa.

    For Clara, 2055 girls were called that (or 0.1070%). That's about one per every ten thousand.

    Even Charlotte isn't as popular as you might believe. While 6365 sounds like a lot of little Charlottes, it's only about .3314%, which means that out of every thousand girls born in 2011, three will be a Charlotte.
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