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    less popular suggestions?

    I've been on here before and gotten some great suggestions, so I thought I'd try again. Our dilemma is that every name on our list is currently on the rise, and I really desperately want to avoid picking a name that becomes top 10, 20 or 30. I don't know why it's so important to me for a girl name, but it is! I realize most of our choices pair nicely with James (DS), but I was hoping some of you might have some suggestions based on our list of favorites that are similar in style/sound but less common. Thanks so much!

    DS - James Joseph, 11/7/10

    DD - due 5/7/13! Possible names: Tessa, Eliza, Clara, Juliet, Genevieve, Charlotte

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    Looking at classic girl names outside the US top 200, I suggest:

    Hazel, Callie, Esther, Norah, Ivy, Laura, Rose, Phoebe, Annie, Adelaide, Olive, Daphne, Lucille, June, Francesca, Eve, Beatrice, Frances, Pearl, Rachael, Libby, Poppy...

    Also saw Genevieve, Tessa & Eliza outside the top 200 which doesn't make them feel 'epidemic' to me. Perhaps you feel they're popular because they're nameberry favourites?

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    Camilla, Marta, Ivy, Thalia, Daniella, Claudette, Vera, Margaret, Felicity

    For some reason, I really love Marta or Claudette for you!

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