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Thread: Names like Lily

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    Names like Lily

    Give me a name in the spirit of Lily that does not start with an L. Our last name is Lister. So Lily Lister would be a tongue twister. So would Lucy Lister-my all time favorite. Think Cute but maybe not cute enough to be a beagle's name as well. Bonus points if its less common and yet not wierd.

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    Re: Names like Lily

    How about

    Ivy Lister
    Sadie Lister
    Cora Lister
    Cicely Lister (might be too much w/ the L ending)
    Julia/Juliet Lister
    Briony/Bryony Lister
    Jade Lister
    Olive Lister
    Robin Lister
    Raven Lister
    Sage Lister
    Willow Lister
    Daisy Lister
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    Re: Names like Lily

    Hmm, names like Lily/Lucy...

    Mae Lister
    Clara Lister
    Ruby Lister
    June Lister
    Flora Lister
    Kate Lister
    Nora Lister
    Sadie Lister
    Alma Lister
    Ivy Lister
    Violet Lister
    Molly Lister
    Vera Lister
    Georgia Lister
    Zoe Lister
    Cora Lister
    Gemma Lister
    Phoebe Lister
    Sylvie Lister
    Etta Lister
    Tessa Lister
    Sophie Lister
    Bonnie Lister

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: Names like Lily

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    Re: Names like Lily

    Wow that's a tough one! Just a thought--you may want to avoid D names as her name would sometimes be read as D. Lister.
    I love most of the choices so far. My vote goes with Zoe! Also, while I love the name Ivy, Ivy Lister sounds like someone who got wait-listed at Harvard.

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