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    Thanks for the suggestions so far!

    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Looking at classic girl names outside the US top 200, I suggest:

    Also saw Genevieve, Tessa & Eliza outside the top 200 which doesn't make them feel 'epidemic' to me. Perhaps you feel they're popular because they're nameberry favourites?
    Maybe they feel more popular because I keep seeing them on message boards, but it does seem like they're all on the rise. How far they end up moving on the popularity lists, who knows.
    DS - James Joseph, 11/7/10

    DD - due 5/7/13! Possible names: Tessa, Eliza, Clara, Juliet, Genevieve, Charlotte

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    I don't think any of those names strike me as common/popular at all, except perhaps Charlotte. And maybe Eliza, only because all the "El-" names are so popular, and they all kind of blend together after a while.

    I love Tessa! I also love Juliet, Clara and Genevieve.......they are ALL gorgeous! I think they would all be a great choice -- beautiful, classy and recognizable, without feeling trendy or popular. I also don't think you want to go too exotic with a son named James. The names on your list are perfect!

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    This is a really good list- I've looked through it for hours! It groups popularity by spelling too, so you know the actual popularity!
    Ailbhe LavenderBoudica IvyCordelia Winter
    Dáire Lilac Daphne Elizabeth Edith November
    Elowen VerityGeorgiana BloomHelena Maude
    Marigold AdaOnóra True Rosalind Kathleen

    Algernon William Anson BenjaminCaspian Grey
    Cináed AngusCoinneach Séan Drago Éibhear
    Edmund KennethMontague SéanOswald William
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    Eliza- Elodie, Elsa, Eliora, Liza, Liana, Eliska,
    Tessa- Theresa, Tirzah, Therese, Essa, Nessa, Odessa, Anisa, Alessandra, Carissa, Clarissa, Clarisse
    Juliet- Jett, Harriet, Lita, Vita, Amoret, Antoinette, Julissa, Jewel, Elisabette, Elisabetta, Margaret
    Genevieve- Geneva, Ginevra, Guinevere, Jenifry, Maeve, Eve, Navi, Jillian
    Clara- Lara, Cara, Kari (prn Car-ee), Chiara/Kiara, Cordelia, Clarisse, Clarissa
    Charlotte- Carlotta, Carly, Chiara, Sharon, Lottie, Allouette/Alouette, Celia, Clementine, Susannah

    Remember, it is hard to judge a name's popularity by message boards, especially ones with such different name tastes than the rest of the population.

    For example:
    Genevieve was the name for just 1,356 little girls- or around 0.0706%.
    1378 girls were named Tessa, and that name accounts for just 0.0718%.
    Just 1,241 little girls were called Eliza, or about 0.0648%.
    The romantic Juliet was borne by 1263 girls, or just 0.0658%.
    The percentages mean that hypothetically, out of ten thousand little girls born that year, less than a quarter of one girl is named Genevieve, Eliza, Juliet or Tessa.

    For Clara, 2055 girls were called that (or 0.1070%). That's about one per every ten thousand.

    Even Charlotte isn't as popular as you might believe. While 6365 sounds like a lot of little Charlottes, it's only about .3314%, which means that out of every thousand girls born in 2011, three will be a Charlotte.
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