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    My absolute favorite Clara combination is Clara Melisande. Would hubby go for that? It may be a bit too close to Melanie...

    Other other not so common ideas:
    Clara Rosamond (love this too!)
    Clara Delphine
    Clara Philomene
    Clara Leonie (again, similar to Melanie...)
    Clara Beatrix
    Clara Ianthe
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    I really like Clara True. Don't know why. It sounds so beautiful to me.

    Some other suggestions-
    Clara Severine
    Clara Lavender
    Clara Wendy
    Clara Kathleen
    Clara Maxine
    Clara Genevieve
    Clara Sarai
    Clara Winnifred
    Clara Saffron
    Clara Zenobia
    Clara Rosalind
    Clara Isabeau
    Clara Lillian

    On a side note- Clara is much more mainstream than the others. She may feel left out.
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    Thanks for all the responses so far! I love them!

    I should add that Clara is my only grandmother's middle name and my husband and I are both committed to using it. I know it's more common than the others, but I've been teaching for 15 years and have never had a Clara come through our district, so I feel secure in its unique quality here.

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    I've added:
    Clara Lucretia (love this suggestion -- Lucretia Mott comes to mind)
    Clara Bellatrix
    Clara Delphine or Clara Delfina
    Clara Sarai
    Clara Rosalind (my mother is Roseanne -- may be a nice touch!)

    The others I don't think he'll go for (in fact, I'm sure he won't go for most I just re-listed) but it's worth a try! He drives me nuts!

    Keep 'em coming! :-) THANKS!

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    Ooh! I love suggestion of Clara Rosalind. How about:

    Clara Elise
    Clara Raquelle
    Clara Camille

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