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  • Oliver Austin Felix

    15 40.54%
  • Oliver Augustine Felix

    22 59.46%
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    Oliver Augustine Felix is sooooo handsome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by let_it_grow View Post
    gljanie - I pronounce Augustine as August-yn rather than August-een, so that doesn't bother me so much.
    If that's the sound you want then why not avoid the confusion and spell it Augustin?

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    In my area/circle of acquaintances, everyone pronounces Augustine as August-yn, so I'm not worried about confusion, especially since its a middle name. I prefer that spelling because it's the traditional one for the saint's name.
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    I voted for Augustine (even though my son's middle name is Austin). As a teenager, I promised my grandfather, August, that I'd name a son after him someday. As it turned out, my husband would not agree to August, and I settled for Austin instead, since it has the same origin as August. (As you probably know, Austin is a medieval short-form of Augustine, derived from Augustus.)

    Anyway, I prefer both the name itself and the flow of Augustine in your combo.
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