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    Hubby's list - opinions please

    So, my husband has taken quite an active role in the baby naming process, quite to my surprise. To appease him and his highly eclectic taste I decided to get opinions from others to be sure I'm not crazy in agreeing to some of these choices.


    Elliott Blythe (Ellie)
    Everette Bryce (Evie)
    Emerson Estelle (Emery)
    Sagan Ottilie*
    Sovannary Ophelia*
    Rhiannon Blake*
    Zelpha Dolores (grandmothers names)


    Conrad Brandt

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    Mavis - lovely! very on trend
    Guinevere - a lovely name but hard to wear, I'd go with Gwen, Gwendolyn, Genevieve, Gwyneth. But I definitely prefer it to a lot of the girls list

    Garnet - meh, a nice mn
    Raquel - meh, mns but it's not terrible
    Reese - okay
    Zelpha Dolores - meh
    Xanthe - meh, too weird for me
    Thisbe - nms, too cloudy
    Isla - same as above
    Inez - same as above
    Rhiannon Blake* - too popstarish, I don't hate Blake as a mn though

    Sagan Ottilie* -bleh
    Sovannary Ophelia* -weird
    Lennox* - bleh
    Auden - bleh
    Finnegan - all boy
    Foster - all boy
    Elliott Blythe (Ellie) - all boy
    Everette Bryce (Evie) - boy
    Emerson Estelle (Emery) - boy
    Gannon - boy
    Max - boy
    Collins - boy
    Monti - boy

    I actually really like most of his boys list!

    Lincoln - cute, Link is fun
    Thaddeus* - love
    Jude* - love
    Wesley* - love
    Grant - like
    Sebastian* - nice
    Dean - like
    Graham* - like
    Harrison - like
    Reed - like
    Beckett* - like
    Conrad Brandt - okay, Brandt is a cool mn
    Hollis* - okay
    Marshall* - meh, not terrible, but nms
    Dermot* - never heard this one before, not big on the "der"
    Theoren* - bit fantasy novel
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    Wow- so many ideas here. Do the asterisks mean anything?

    Mavis* - An acquired taste. I think it can be fabulous in a horn-rimmed glasses kind of way, but choosing it might limit future baby names, know what I mean? If you have a daughter named Mavis, you'd want a son named Clark or Harvey, a second daughter named Gladys or Shirley.
    Xanthe - An exotic but also minimal possibility. Too cold for me - reminds me of xanthum gum - though objectively I think it's a good name. I much prefer Xenia.
    Finnegan* - Boy boy boy.
    Foster - Boy, beer, adoption.
    Guinevere* - Beautiful. So beautiful. Too beautiful? A bit damsel-in-distress... The options of nns Gwen or Winnie make it wearable.
    Garnet - I love this. Really interesting. Sparkly, but not over-the-top.
    Elliott Blythe (Ellie) - Not my style. Blythe is great, but I detest Ellie.
    Everette Bryce (Evie) - I dislike the sound and the look of this one.
    Emerson Estelle (Emery) - I'm not wild about surname first-names, especially on girls. Estelle is very pretty.
    Gannon* - What is Gannon? Doesn't feel "name-ish" to me. I think of backgammon.
    Raquel - Dated.
    Sagan Ottilie* - Ottilie is fabulous. Sagan like Carl Sagan? If you're really into astronomy/astrophysics, there are so many possibilities that might be prettier. Names of stars, types of stars, constellations... Ottilie Nova?
    Sovannary Ophelia* - Sovannary is quite a mouthful. I love the sound of Ophelia, though it's too tragic for me.
    Rhiannon Blake* - Rhiannon is excellent excellent, though imo it needs a middle name that will brighten/lighten it, and Blake is not that.
    Lennox* - No.
    Auden - Though I love WH Auden, I find it slightly strange as a first name. Close to Aidan, so I'd assume Auden to be a boy.
    Thisbe* - Neat. I like this. Mythological and shadowy, but it also has really cheerful sounds, and the nn Bee.
    Isla - Overused, but lovely.
    Inez* - A good one. Like Esme, but without the pop-culture connection. I like Agnes and Inés too.
    Collins - No!
    Monti - For a boy, as Montgomery nn Monty.
    Max - Maxine nn Max could be spunky, but Max as a standalone girl name is unfortunate.
    Zelpha Dolores (grandmothers names) - Clunky but kind of wonderful. I like the idea of a Dolores, who you call "Dot," and who doesn't love a Z-name? I love Zelda even more. Zelda Dolores, Dolores Zelpha "Dot."
    Reese - The only female Reese I know of is Witherspoon. I dislike it.

    Lincoln* - Sure. A bit predictable, but very sturdy and wearable.
    Sebastian* - Yes.
    Hollis* - Yes. Love this- subtly tree-related, but clean and serious.
    Marshall* - Handsome, but I'm not so into the soldier connotations.
    Dermot* - I think "dirty varmint"
    Theoren* - Theorem? No.
    Thaddeus* - A cool possibility. Part of the rugged-Biblical, complicated, old-mannish name trend. But it would need a similarly weighty sibling name.
    Beckett* - If I knew someone named Beckett, I would torment him with stupid jokes about existential angst. Malone or Murphy would be less pretentious.
    Conrad Brandt - Conrad yes. I find Brandt very grating. Bran perhaps? Conrad Bran would be lovely.
    Grant - Classic, handsome, presidential.
    Dean - Sexy, simple, retro.
    Jude* - Biblical and handsome, a bit safe for my taste.
    Wesley* - Sweet. Tender like Timothy, but cool and cowboyish at the same time.
    Graham* - Modern and old-fashioned at once. Quite nice.
    Harrison - I'm not wild about the sound. Too suit-and-tie for me.. but a perfectly acceptable name.
    Reed - Sleek, organic, minimal. Nice.

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    Mavis* -It's pretty nice,
    Xanthe -I think it would cause too many problems
    Finnegan* -For a boy, sure.
    Foster -For a boy.
    Guinevere* -Love this name! Guin is such a cute nickname!
    Garnet -Middle name potential
    Elliott Blythe (Ellie) -There are so many nice girl names to get to Ellie. Leave Elliot to the boys.
    Everette Bryce (Evie) - Same as Elliot. So many nicer ways to get to Evie than a boy's name! (for example- Evelyn)
    Emerson Estelle (Emery) - Estelle is nice, but EmerSON is all boy.
    Gannon*- Boy's name. Gannon was also a gross bad guy in the legend of Zelda series.
    Raquel -I like it. Has potential.
    Sagan Ottilie* - Ottilie is super nice! I have no good feelings for Sagan.
    Sovannary Ophelia* -no.
    Rhiannon Blake* -It's okay. I don't like Rhiannon. I've always thought it sounded like Rhiannah's frumpy cousin
    Lennox*- boy
    Auden -sounds like a boy's name. What about Arden?
    Thisbe* -It's okay
    Isla -I like this name
    Inez* -for some reason I picture a huge nose when I hear this name
    Collins -It's a surname. Very manly, it sounds like Colin.
    Monti -Monte is a lovely name- let's leave it to the boys.
    Max -If it's shot for Maxine.
    Zelpha Dolores -I actually really like this! Very pretty and unique.
    Reese- The only girl Reese I've heard of is Ms.Witherspoon. I don't like it either way.


    Lincoln* -Cute! I love the nickname Linc!
    Sebastian*-Love love love!
    Hollis* -Kind of reminds me of shortened Hollister
    Marshall* -I like this name. It's pretty nice, but kind of clunky.
    Dermot*-I think of dermatitis when I see this. What about McDermott? Since you like surname names.
    Theoren* -Like a theorem? I like Theron much better.
    Thaddeus*-It's kind of like a mix between Theodore and Christos. It's all right.
    Beckett* -Bucket
    Conrad Brandt -Too country for me. I hate the name Conrad.
    Grant- It doesn't do anything for me. It's okay.
    Dean-Simple, but still very cute.
    Jude*-I like this name a lot. Hey Jude is one of my favourite songs.
    Wesley*-I do like this name a LOT
    Graham*-Too old man-ish for me. I'm biased, though.
    Harrison-I like this. But I don't like the Harry nickname
    Reed- Too short, nms.
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    Of your girls names I only like Ottilie, Emerson / Emery, and Zelpha. Most of the rest are either a bit over the top for me or way too boyish. I would love some of them as your boys options.

    Of your boys names, I like Harrison and Reed, though I prefer the Reid spelling. I moderately like Thaddeus and Conrad. Lincoln wears a tall hat, Theoren wields a battle axe, Sebastian is a French crab, Dermot is a dermatologist or a dirty varmint, Beckett kicks the bucket, Wesley is wimpy, Jude is one rude dude, Dean works at the college and his first name is Jimmy and now I'm hungry for sausages. I would like Brandt if he hadn't been branded, Graham if he weren't a cracker, and Marshall if he didn't lead a double life as a drill sergeant and a department store. Hollis is a girls name to me.

    Just my associations; it's all about personal preference. If you like Brandt and Graham, you might like Braham for a suggestion. Good luck!

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