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    Maximus and...

    I noticed Silas in your signature, and I think thats perfect! Maximus and Silas is a great combo.

    Other ideas:
    August/ Augustine

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    Of the names in your signature, I think Silas and Theodore go very nicely with Max / Maximus.

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    karacavazos Guest
    I am having a hard time deciding which direction to go. Do I keep the Roman style? Do I just find something that I think is strong and handsome? I like many of your suggestions, but I'm just not sold on any yet. Is Maximus and Julius too much? Do Maximus and Theodore go? Should I do something totally different like Maximus and August? We thought about Leonidas (mostly to "one-up" a "friendly rival" who has a Maximilian and is pregnant with a Leonardo,) but isn't Maximus and Leonides way, way too much? I guess I'm sort of almost asking complete strangers to tell me what to do. This is stressful. Any other suggestions are very appreciated!

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    You don't need to stick to Roman or Latin names, but I wouldn't go with anything modern either. Avoid names like Zaden or Caden and you should be fine. Also, because Maximus is quite masculine and strong, I would recommend sticking with an equally masculine name for his brother. Theodore is fine and so are most of the names on your signature. I like Damien because it is very masculine and it frees you from the Roman/Latin names. At the same time it is still ancient and has a lot of history (for example: Saint Damian if you are interested in Saint names, or the Greek myth about Damon and Pythias.) I am also a fan of Leonidas, but it might be a bit much paired up with Maximus. If you have a third child, it might be hard to come up with something that fits in. Julius and August would be ok.
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    I think Julius and Leonidas would be too much. Too many "us"-es. August is very nice, and Theodore matches Maximus well in my opinion (Theo and Max, August and Max, both are great). I agree that you don't need to stick to Roman/Latin names and shouldn't go modern either. Just find something you think is strong and handsome.

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