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    Should Cousins names influence name choice????

    Hi All,

    I have a little boy called Bodhi Zephyr. I have loved the name Bodhi since I was a child.

    I chose this name because my husband is a bit of a surfer, and we love the life style.

    My Brother has a boy (10 years older than Bodhi) called Brodie. We live in different states at the moment and there is a huge age gap but it is still weird at family gatherings when calling out their names. We try and call Brodie- Brodes and Bodhi- Bo.

    I'm now pregnant again, I don't know what I'm having (due in 6weeks). We have picked our girls name which will be Indigo Summer and the boys name we have had picked out from the day Bodhi was born..... it is 'REEF' Reef Slater or Reef Xander. We love, love, love this name!!

    My problem is I have just realised the similarity to my same Brothers daughters name she is 8 years old and her name is Rhiannon and they call her Rhi (Ree) or Rhi Rhi for short.

    So my question is.... is it too weird to have Brodie and Bodhi and then Rhi and Reef?? Are they too similar?? My husband thinks I'm being silly and Rhiannon and Reef are 2 totally different names and different sex but I'm not so sure...

    What are your thoughts???

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    I'll be honest and say yes, I think you should consider other names. Or ask your brother if he cares (some will, some won't.) But your sons name is already very close to his and if they're the sort who care, they'll probably feel like it's an extra insult that you have not one but two similar sounding names.

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    I agree with inthemorning. Just ask your brother, and if it really bothers him hopefully he'll show it. Otherwise, I wouldn't say it's a big deal since Ree is only a nickname.

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    It's pretty odd that siblings would choose such similar names but not in a bad way. Rhi and Reef are close but Rhi is only a nn. Maybe talk to bro and see if Rhia could be a family nn

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    You see them once or twice a year, she'll be almost 9 years older than your child, the opposite sex, and the names only vaguely resemble each other. I say you're good.

    Cousin's names should only be a problem if you see each other regularly, your family is high drama, and/or the names are similar enough to make identification an issue.
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