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    Dilemma! Loving ottillie's suggestion of Nikita Shiri - the first name that popped into my head was Shira, but that combo is way too 'a'-heavy

    Orli is another one of my favorite Hebrew/Israeli names, and I think Nikita Orli is very pretty and exotic

    How about:

    Nikita Anat
    Nikita Ariel
    Nikita Bina (also heavy on the end sound, but I love that Bina means "intelligence")
    Nikita Danit
    Nikita Dodi/Dodie
    Nikita Eden
    Nikita Keshet (okay, I know it's weird, but keshet is my favorite Hebrew word :'3)
    Nikita Liat (Liat means "you are mine" - what a perfect sentiment!)
    Nikita Libe (Libe comes from lev, which means "heart")
    Nikita Lilit/Lilith
    Nikita Lior
    Nikita Morag (not a particularly girly name - it's unisex - but I love it)
    Nikita Naomi
    Nikita Pili
    Nikita Ronit (seconding because the Ronit I know is the sweetest girl!)
    Nikita Sarai
    Nikita Sigal
    Nikita Vashti
    Nikita Yael
    Nikita Yonit
    Nikita Zivit

    Hope this helps!

    my first child will be:
    josephine bess — josie
    arthur milo — arlo

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    Nikita Zion sounds really male to me as well, sorry. (Russian-background American Jew)

    But, Batzion/Bat-Tziyon isn't unisex at all!

    Personally I'm actually more fond of Batzion and Benzion as a child's name then just Zion. And I know Bat- puts people off as a first name but for a middle it doesn't bother me. Batya/Batia is nice too.

    I think these have been mentioned but I like them:
    Nikita Tamar
    Nikita Ayelet
    Nikita Vered
    Nikita Yael - sort of unisex but the Biblical character was a woman. It's also a really cool name.
    Nikita Liora

    Haven't seen yet:
    Nikita Libi
    Nikita Esther/Ester
    Nikita Razili - I really just love Razili and Raziela though.
    Nikita Yehudit (or Judith)
    Nikita Kinneret
    Nikita Ruchama

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    Zion is the anglicized version of the word in Hebrew. Zion is Tzion in hebrew and is a unisex name. But the female version of it is Tzionah which is quite lovely.

    What about some of these:


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