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    What do you think of the name Beatrix


    I'm not expecting-just collecting. I watch a tv show called "Call the Midwife" and there's a character in the show called Trixie. I thought this was really cute, and then I heard her full name was Beatrix! I thought that was really cool. I'm a big Harry Potter fan, so I was abit worried that Beatrix would remind people of Helena Bonham Carter's evil character Bellatrix. Do you think this is an issue.

    So, what I'm basically trying to ask is:

    What do you think of the name Beatrix?
    What do you think of the nn Trixie?
    Is it too close to Harry Potter?
    Any middle names you would suggest?
    Do you think it goes with my favouites right now of Annabelle Pearl, Magdalen Alice, Lucia Violet and Amelia Ivy?

    Thank you :-) Have a great day!

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    I love Beatrix. Not too sure on Trixie though as my gran's neighbor had a dog call that - sorry! I know a Beatrice who's three and goes by Bea and think that's adorable. I would honestly have never made the Harry Potter connection and I'm a big fan myself!

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    Honestly, I prefer Beatrice, it's one of my favorite names. As for Trixie, for some reason I don't see it on an adult. I would use Bea or Beata (my favorite one, Polish version of Beatrice/Beatrix) as a nickname. I don't think the name reminds of Harry Potter (although I'm a fan).

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    I don't like the hard "x" at the end of Beatrix and I dislike even more the nn Trixie, I think it's a really stereotypical nasty blonde cheerleader name. On the other hand I do really like the name Beatrice and the possible nicknames of Tris and Bea. I don't think any people at all would think Beatrix=Bellatrix, I don't think they are very similiar. From your favourites I think that Beatrix goes with Magdalen but not the others.
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    I love Beatrix, especially with the nickname Trixie. I actually really like Bellatrix, too, so no, I do not think it's too close to the Harry Potter character.
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