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Thread: Zohara/Zahara

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    NB has Zohara as the feminine form of Zohar which means light or brilliance in Hebrew. Behind the name has Zahara as the feminine form... I know NB meanings are sometimes not perfect so I was wondering if anybody could give me more insight... I'm really crushing on this name right now because of the meaning (I'm even overlooking the fact that it ends in A and has a flow problem with the last name) and would love to pair it with Noemí, but Noemí Zohara seems a little "O" heavy. I am not necessarily pronouncing them any differently though... so I'm not sure if it matters.

    So Zohara or Zahara?

    P.S I do know that Zahara is a celebri-baby name... but I still kinda love it.

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    Definitely Zahara. It's a lot prettier. Zohara sounds kinda weird to my ears.
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    Zahara is more lovely. My only hesitation is the connection to the store Zara. Zohara is way too closely related to Zohan the Adam Sandler movie. Don't worry about the spellings. When things are originally in Hebrew, the transliteration is always just someone's best guess. It's common to have multiple spellings for that reason (look at all the Zipporah variations).

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    I think either are nice as middles. I pronounce them very similarly so either spelling would work if you prefer Zohara's meaning.

    Noemi Zara is also beautiful and a bit more simple.
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    Zahara sounds much nicer than Zohara, even though both names don't translate perfectly from Hebrew to English because of grammar.

    (I actually know of two girls named Zohar. The only reason Zohar is masculine is because it's grammatically masculine as a word. It doesn't mean 'for a boy.')

    Some other words meaning light or brilliance in Hebrew that you might like, and may flow better for you are:

    Ora (light)
    Zahava (golden)
    Zeeva or Ziva (radiance) / Zeev or Zivwould be for a boy
    Kochava (star)
    Orly (my light)

    Good Luck!

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