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    Murphy is hideous on a girl. It is possible to find an unusual name for a girl without resorting to surnames, you know... Marcella was a great suggestion. Maren, Margo, Maris, and Mercy are options that are a bit more similar to Murphy.
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    Not a fan, sorry, even for a boy. What would be the nickname, Murph? (And now that makes me think of the Smurfs!). I second the suggestion of Rooney. Btw, Miller is a handsome name for your son.

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    Sorry, all girl to me. Don't really like it for a boy, either, though...
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    I find it really unattractive, for a boy or a girl. But it's worse on a girl.

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    Oh, Murphy, let me count the ways I detest thee:

    1. Masculine. There are more girl friendly masculine names.
    2. A popular dog's name
    3. Sounds too heavy on the tongue
    4. Its terrible

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