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    Middle names for Skandar and Avalon

    We have finally decided to name our baby Skandar -- if its a boy. If its a girl, she will be either Nemera (my fav) or Avalon. We have some great middle names for Nemera, but we're having troubles coming up with something we both love for Skandar and Avalon.

    We don't want the name to be popular (def. not in the top 100) and we're not into old fashioned names either. It would be neat if the boys' names had some kind of animal connection, but it certainly doesn't have to. Surname starts with W, but I'm not worried about initials so that is not an issue.

    Any suggestions?
    - Thanks!!
    Alexis Victoria
    mom to the dragon and lion boys, AKA Drake Zephyr and Skandar Leonidas
    due with #3 in November

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