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    Has having a name for a pet ever ruined the name for you?

    When I was little, my grandma had a cat named Oliver and dogs named Chloe and Lucy. Now it's hard for me to picture those names on people simply because my first exposure to them was as animal names. Has this ever happened to you?
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    flick Guest
    Luckily, no. I may sound cold-hearted for this, but I have never been exceptionally attached to animals and even though I had a dog named Ruby growing up, I would still use it for a child, it doesn't bother me at all.

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    We named out cat Olivia because I loved the name so much... Wanted it as a baby girl name choice and hubby said no way, cause of the cat. Never really bothered me

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    We used Keira on a dog, and would no longer use it for a daughter. It doesn't help that the dog died tragically, and the name makes me sad. I have considered Kieran for a son though. We also have a cat named Gwenevere (Gwen) and I am still unsure whether I would use one of my favorites, Gwendolen, on a daughter. Two Gwens in one house? I don't even really the nickname Gwen... lol.
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    renrose Guest
    My mum and dad used Gemma for our cat and she was born a long time before me, lol. Gemma was my mums favourite name but they decided they couldn't name me after the cat.

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