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Thread: Sutton?

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    I have only heard of one Sutton, the Broadway actress Sutton Foster.

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    I've only heard it used as a girl's name... but I wouldn't be surprised if I met a male Sutton. The only famous person I can think of, like many others who have posted, is Sutton Foster, and while she's not terribly well-known(as is the case with many contemporary Broadway actresses), she's extraordinarily talented, so it's not exactly a negative association.

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    Sutton Foster is what comes to mind and Sutton from "The Lying Game". Which are are both girls. I've honestly only heard it on a girl, so I think it's more feminine.
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    I did like it until the reaction I got when asking someone their opinion of it was "Sounds like Satan". It immediately became less appealing to me.

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