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Thread: Sutton?

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    I stumbled upon an old list my husband and I were using when scheming for our older son's name. Near the bottom, I noticed I had added Sutton as a last minute consideration. I had completely forgotten about it until this point. We didn't end up using it, and I think I can vaguely remember my husband hating it. Hm.

    What are your thoughts on Sutton?

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    I like Sutton -- clean, masculine, very New England. It's a great choice.
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    I hate it. It brings mutton chops to mind lol. If I met a little boy named Sutton, it might change my mind
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    I like Sutton. It's handsome and ages well.

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    I like Sutton. I also like it for a girl, but I think it's so uncommon that it could easily be unisex. I think it's a great name. I also like Hutton for a boy.
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