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    Once the first day of the conference is over, you and Francine go back to your hotel room. You can’t stop thinking about Wilhelm and dinner tonight. You spend a long time agonizing over what to wear, wanting to pick the right outfit. What are you wearing?

    Almost as soon as you finish getting dressed, you look at the clock and see that it is already 7:00. You hurry down to the lobby of the hotel to find Wilhelm waiting for you, causing butterflies to start flying around your stomach. He takes you to a nice restaurant, and you’re glad you dressed like you did. Just like that night four years ago, you spend the whole evening talking, long after you finish your meal. At the end of the night, he takes you back to your hotel and you exchange numbers. That night you hardly sleep. Going out with Wilhelm for dinner makes you remember everything you like about him. For the rest of the week, you continue to run into him at the conference. When you see him, you make excuses to talk to each other. You’re pretty sure that Caroline notices the smile that’s always on your face, but thankfully she doesn’t say anything. All too soon, it is time for you and your coworkers to leave The Netherlands. The night before you leave, Wilhelm comes to see you to say goodbye. He kisses you on the cheek, leaving you wonder exactly where your relationship stands. You and your coworkers fly back to Los Angeles. Over the next few months, you and Wilhelm call and Skype, and you realize you’re falling in love with him. Eventually the two of you decide that you should meet his family. How long do you date? 18 months.

    You fly back to The Netherlands, where Wilhelm meets you at the airport. He takes you to the palace to meet his family.
    How many siblings does he have? One sister. Called: Eleonore Isla. His parents are: Leopold Ernest & Alfreda Luise. You find his family to be very warm and inviting, and you realize you are more in love with him than ever. He tells you he loves you, too, but he hasn’t proposed. Finally, he asks you to marry him! How much longer before he proposes? 18 months. He proposes over dinner, in front of his sister. My engagement ring: . After the official engagement announcement, you get down to the business of planning your wedding. How long do you plan? One year.

    Finally, the day arrives! You and Wilhelm are married in a glorious ceremony in a grand cathedral, since he is the Crown Prince. What does your dress look like?

    After the wedding, you and Wilhelm go on a three-week honeymoon to Venice. When you come back, you move into the palace. What does it look like? It is large and made of medieval stone, with the Crown Prince's rooms in the East Wing and a large library (with doors onto a large balcony in the West Wing). You have been married for a while when you find out you’re pregnant. You are excited, but a little nervous to raise a prince or princess. Your child will be the next king or queen of The Netherlands. How long are you married before you get pregnant? One year. What do you have? A boy: Nicolas Wilhelm Claus.

    You and Wilhelm have been living happily in the palace with Prince Nico for two years when you find out you are pregnant again. What do you have? A girl: Josephine Eliza Femke. How many more times do you get pregnant? Twice. I first have a boy and a girl: Gideon Silas Roan & Genevieve Willa Noor. I then have a boy: Edmund Tobias Koen.

    Some years later, Grand Duke Leopold announces that he will abdicate in favor of Wilhelm. You become Grand Duchess of The Netherlands and Nico becomes the Crown Prince/Princess. You and the newly coronated Grand Duke Wilhelm live happily ever after with your children.

    Grand Duke Wilhelm 'Will', aged 45
    Grand Duchess Claire 'Claire', aged 44
    Crown Prince Nicolas Wilhelm Claus 'Nico', aged 14
    Princess Josephine Eliza Femke 'Jo', aged 12
    Prince Gideon Silas Roan 'Gidge', aged 8
    Princess Genevieve Willa Noor 'Gen', aged 8
    Prince Edmund Tobias Koen 'Ed', aged 4

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