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Thread: Yellowlees (!)

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    Yellowlees (!)

    Well this is a new girl find. Contestant on Jeopardy this week is a woman named "Yellowlees" What a handle! The host asked her about it and she says it's traditionally a Norman surname that has been passed down through her family.

    I can't say I'd ever consider using it but it has intrigued my husband and I so much that we've been calling our unborn baby Yellowlees ever since (kidding, but not in a disrespectful way)

    It made me wonder --would anyone consider using this name for a baby for real?
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    No... Yellowlees was definitely middle name material.

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    There's nothing Norman French about Yellowlees. Yellow is pure English and lee comes from the old word for a meadow. Germanic gelb became Old English gelou became Middle English yelou beame yellow.

    It's tough to have a rather cringeworthy name and not even be right about its origins.
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    Hmmm...this is pretty bad. And yellow is my favorite color! OMGoodness!

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    It rhymes with Eloise (at least if I'm imagining it right).

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