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    It has been four years since you returned from your study abroad program in Sweden. You have since graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Biology. After graduation, you got a job in doctor in a big city.

    What city do you move to?
    6. Denver

    You have dated several guys since you returned from Sweden, but you haven’t forgotten about Chris. Therefore, you are very excited when your employer decides to send a group of employees to Sweden for a conference. You are even more excited when your boss tells you that you get to go.

    As you pack your suitcases and get ready to leave on your trip, you tell yourself that you’re excited to be going back to Sweden and being able to practice Swedish, not because you’re hoping to see Chris again. After all, what are the odds that you’ll run into him again?

    You and a co-worker get seats next to each other on the flight to Sweden. Although your co-worker is friendly, you can’t help comparing her to your roommate from your study abroad program, Elise "Ellie".

    What is your co-worker’s name?
    Abigail Clarisse

    Your plane lands in Sweden and you can’t help but feel a little smug when you’re the only one in your group who speaks enough Swedish to communicate with locals. You help your group find the hotel, where you discover that you and Abigail are roommates.

    The next morning you wake up early. By the time the rest of your group, including Abigial, wakes up, you are ready to go. Your driver pulls up in the car, and the whole group piles in. Your conference is being held in a large government building, and your group is told that several government officials from Sweden will be in attendance.

    You and Abigail find seats next to each other in the auditorium where the opening meeting is being held. You see several well-dressed people in front of the stage, talking urgently and shuffling papers, and you assume that these are the government officials.

    The leader of the conference begins the meeting by thanking everyone for showing up, and then announces that the Crown Prince of Sweden will be making a speech about public health. A younger man stands up and walks to the center of the stage. You pretend to be coughing to stifle your gasp, but Abigail still looks at you funny. The Crown Prince is Chris!

    You barely hear a word he says during his speech because you are so shocked. Sure, you had hoped to see him again on your trip, but not quite like this.

    Eventually the meeting is over and the conference leader says that everyone will split up and attend smaller discussions. You and Abigail decide to go to different discussions, and split up. You are walking down the hall toward one of the rooms when you hear your name.

    You turn around, and Chris is behind you. You don’t really know what to say to a Crown Prince, but before you can embarrass yourself he starts talking. He tells you that he saw you in the audience and wanted to talk to you. You are wary, but he tells you that he is the same guy that you met four years ago. He asks you go out for dinner with him that night, and you agree.
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