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    Lillian! I think it's beautiful and goes well with your other names.

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    I like Emily best with Charlie and Sophie.
    Sure, Emily has been over-done in the past, but right now, there are little Lily's everywhere! She'd be more likely to be one of several Lily's in her class that one of several Emily's.

    That being said, I think that Lillian is a beautiful name, and goes very well with her big sisters' names. I think Lilliana is just too frilly and fussy.

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    Lillian is lovely. Lily is popular but Emily is SO overdone. I know many,many Emily's and two Lilly's!
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    Liliana!I think this name is so elegant and pretty!Yes, it's a little frilly but you could always use "Lily"or "Anna" as nicknames.I love Liliana so much and I think It flows great with your other girl's names.Plus,there are TONS of Emily and I feel like Lillian is becoming quite popular too.
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    I think that Lillian nn Lily would be perfect for your family!
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    I love Emily, but if you are going to call her Emmy, I would choose a longer and less popular full name like Emmeline.

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