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    Thoughts on Hope

    Still trying to think of a girl name for my second daughter, and running into road blocks. I've been thinking a lot the past couple of days on naming styles and why I like the names that I like. Basically, my name is the very common name name Rachel. I was never the only Rachel in my class. In high school, I always wanted to change my name to Summer Sky. And I grew up with cousins with the names Brook and Storm. The name Brook wasn't intended to be the now super popular Brooke (ala Brooke Shields), it was more like a babbling brook. I always thought how special and unique their names were. So I guess when I grew up I unconciously decided to go with nature sounding word names for my own daughters.

    So here is what I am looking for, a word name that is preferably nature oriented in some way. I also like virtue names. My first daughter's name is Autumn Grace. Which I love and adore. I want to find something that I love as much for my second daughter. I love word names that are still recognized as names (for my husband's sake) I suggested a couple that I liked that are more unusual (ie. Saffron and Juniper) and he literally laughed. I also liked Scarlett but our last name is Carlisle so it sounded very clunky. I definitely don't want a word name that is too popular since I don't want my daughter to always be Lily C. I know it's hard to avoid that it will happen at least once in her life, but I want to minimize the chances.

    So the only two names that I am left with are Ruby (which I am trying to avoid... but the more I think about what I like, the more perfect Ruby seems) and Hope. Hope is the name that we planned to use for our second daughter back when I was pregnant with my first child thirteen years ago. But now that there is an actual child, I am balking. I don't know if it reflects some of the feelings that I have about becoming a parent again, or if it is the actual name itself that I am balking at. So I would love to know what you think about the name Hope. Do you think it fits my above criteria? Do you have a picture in your mind about what a Hope would look like? Do you have any other suggestions that I might not have thought of? Thanks again for all the help you berries are giving me!

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