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    Thoughts on Hope

    Still trying to think of a girl name for my second daughter, and running into road blocks. I've been thinking a lot the past couple of days on naming styles and why I like the names that I like. Basically, my name is the very common name name Rachel. I was never the only Rachel in my class. In high school, I always wanted to change my name to Summer Sky. And I grew up with cousins with the names Brook and Storm. The name Brook wasn't intended to be the now super popular Brooke (ala Brooke Shields), it was more like a babbling brook. I always thought how special and unique their names were. So I guess when I grew up I unconciously decided to go with nature sounding word names for my own daughters.

    So here is what I am looking for, a word name that is preferably nature oriented in some way. I also like virtue names. My first daughter's name is Autumn Grace. Which I love and adore. I want to find something that I love as much for my second daughter. I love word names that are still recognized as names (for my husband's sake) I suggested a couple that I liked that are more unusual (ie. Saffron and Juniper) and he literally laughed. I also liked Scarlett but our last name is Carlisle so it sounded very clunky. I definitely don't want a word name that is too popular since I don't want my daughter to always be Lily C. I know it's hard to avoid that it will happen at least once in her life, but I want to minimize the chances.

    So the only two names that I am left with are Ruby (which I am trying to avoid... but the more I think about what I like, the more perfect Ruby seems) and Hope. Hope is the name that we planned to use for our second daughter back when I was pregnant with my first child thirteen years ago. But now that there is an actual child, I am balking. I don't know if it reflects some of the feelings that I have about becoming a parent again, or if it is the actual name itself that I am balking at. So I would love to know what you think about the name Hope. Do you think it fits my above criteria? Do you have a picture in your mind about what a Hope would look like? Do you have any other suggestions that I might not have thought of? Thanks again for all the help you berries are giving me!

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    Personally, I've never liked the sound of Hope. It is short and abrupt, and unfortunately has the same general sound as the word "poop" to me. That said, I do love the concept of hope, and I actually like it as a middle name to first names that have a long O sound in them: Winola Hope, Zoya Hope, Shiloh Hope. I just dislike it as a first name, as the sound just doesn't appeal to my taste. That doesn't make it a bad name for you; plenty of people have used the name Hope and it seems generally well-loved. Other ideas that may appeal:


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    I'm not a fan of the name Hope as a first name, sorry. I knew three girls named Hope in middle school and high school and it soured the name for me. I do like it in the middle name spot, however.

    The first name that came to mind for you is Reina (or I suppose you could spell it Raina). It's an actual name, it means queen, and it has a nature theme to it. And if you're in the U.S., it's not very popular, so I doubt she'll ever have another one in her class.

    Another option is to just name her Rain, but I prefer Reina/Raina because it gives the option of the nn Rain and also gives her a full first name if she chooses.
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    I know a wonderful elementary school girl named Hope- when she was younger, we called her Hopi. Hope's name has special meaning to her parents- their second daughter, Kendall, was stillborn, and little Hope represented a new future for them. I think Hope is one of the easier virtue names to live it up to, and I think if you can find a special meaning its wonderful.

    If you want a virtue name: Verity, Amity, Faith, Felicity (Not a virtue name, but has a virtuous meaning)
    Nature names that go well with Autumn: Rain, April (might be too much), Magnolia, Wren, Halcyon, Ever, Lark, Ember, Amaryllis, Lapis, Willow, Acacia, Azalea, Aspen, Hazel, Eve (sibset Autumn and Eve might be too close to Adam and Eve), Nova, Luna, Iris, Jade

    If not Hope, what about Esperanza? However, that might be too much if you're not of Hispanic descent.
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    I love Hope! It has so much meaning and significance I would love to bestow it on my own daughter. I think Hope and Autumn are amazing together.

    BTW I'm a Rachel, as well! ;-)
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