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    Wilhelmina --opinions and middle name help!

    What are everyone's opinions on the name Wilhelmina? What about the nickname Willa? We would probably go between these two 50/50. Also I need help finding a middle name, any suggestions? Something shorter would probably be best. I feel like anything I pair with Wilhelmina seems so filler-ish.

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    While I don't love the name per se, I do appreciate it and "get" why it's attractive to some people. I think it's a nice, uncommon choice.

    Willa is a cute nickname, as is Willie.

    I think Wilhemina Jane is lovely - but I see how it could also be sort of filler-ish. Here are some other suggestions, though I think I like it best with Jane, actually:

    Wilhemina Ffion
    Wilhemina Gemma
    Wilhemina Kate (again, you have the filler feel..though I think it's very nice)
    Wilhemina Lucy
    Wilhemina Lucille
    Wilhemina Hazel
    Wilhemina Rose (filler?)
    Wilhemina Violet
    Wilhemina Tamsin
    Wilhemina Zara
    Wilhemina Tess

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    I love Wilhelmina's fresh, clunky feel. She's elegant, aristocratic and demure. Yet with Wilhelmina's fun nicknames; Willa and Mina she youthful and fun. I think Wilhelmina is a great, classical choice. I think a softer, lighter middle name would be great.
    Wilhelmina Daisy
    Wilhelmina April
    Wilhelmina Poppy
    Wilhelmina Katie
    Wilhelmina Quinn
    Wilhelmina Violet
    Wilhelmina Isabel
    Wilhelmina Elle
    Wilhelmina Emme


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    Wilhelmina isn't a name I would choose, but I can definitely appreciate the strength and elegance of Wilhelmina. I imagine Wilhelmina as as an intelligent, classy woman who isn't to be messed with. If you want to avoid the middle name sounding like filler, stay away from the one syllables.

    Wilhelmina Violet
    Wilhelmina Charlotte
    Wilhelmina Olive
    Wilhelmina Sylvie
    Wilhelmina Alice
    Wilhelmina Eloise
    Wilhelmina Maren
    Wilhelmina Scarlett
    Wilhelmina Elise
    Wilhelmina Margo

    To give you a few ideas...

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    Wilhelmina Violet is so gorgeous. I love it with the nickname Willa.
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