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Thread: Méanne

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    I just discovered a new name for a little girl... Méanne. Here, it would be pronounced May + Anne. What do you think? How would you pronounce it if you saw it for the first time? Do you think it would work in your neck of the woods?
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    Nice. I would pn it May-Anne, just like you.

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    I looked at it and (knowing that this wouldn't be the correct pronunciation) saw "meannie." Now I can't un-see it.

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    I don't really like it or hate it. It does seem a little made up to me though.
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    I pronounce May-anne but I'm French therefore I know and I use the sound "é" easily.
    Nice name (not for me however, because this sound (aé, éa, éanne, éo, oé, léa, léane, ana, ia, aï, ...) is very very popular in France and I hate that).

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