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    Multi-Generational CAF

    DH: place name starting with a vowel / animal name starting with a consonant
    DW: feminization of a masculine name / Irish name not ranked in the US
    -DD1: name more common for pets than children / name with more vowels than consonants
    -DD2: name containing an x / name in the US top 50 in during the 1890's
    -DS1: name meaning 'light' / name with five syllables
    -DD3: name of a US state / name popular in Italy
    -DS2/DS3: name spelled the same forward and backward / name usually used as a nickname

    --DH: name beginning with j / name from this list
    ---DS1: masculine variant of grandmother's name / unisex name leaning feminine
    ---DD1: name of a famous book character / unisex name leaning masculine

    --DH: name ending with h / name with double letters
    ---DD1: name from this list / flower name
    ---DD2: name from this list / tree name
    ---DD3: name from this list / bird name

    --DW: name ending in -bella / virtue name
    ---DS: occupational name / name containing a v
    ---DD: name ending with -ley / name containing a v
    ---DS: surname name / name containing a v

    --DH: name of a disney prince / biblical name
    ---DD1/DD2: name from this list / name popular in the US during the 1990's

    ---DAS: name of a constellation / name from this list

    --DW: name with letters in alphabetical order / hyphenated name
    ---DD: 'tryndee' name / color name
    ---DS: name rhyming with 'Aiden' / word name

    amadea luz•annora piper•artemis ever•ayla echo
    daisy abilene•ekaterina lilac•eleanor anya
    elizabeth joy•ivy matilda•lilly jean•louisa brooke
    margaret quinn•milena eloisa•millie elisabeth
    nera catherine•zosia lee

    brecken steel•caleb dashiell•cody everett
    dawson tate•eden graham•elias falcon•ethan wells
    ezra ford•finnegan grey•malachi thayer•micah jude
    nathaniel emrys•oliver keaton•percy alaric•samuel clark
    sebastian clay•thatcher james•theodore grant•zerah daniel

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    DH: Indiana Wolfe (Indy)
    DW: Nicole Aoife
    -DD1: Ruby Adelaide
    -DD2: Beatrix Florence
    -DS1: Ignatius Maximiliano (Iggy)
    -DD3: Georgia Aurora (Georgie)
    -DS2/DS3: Otto Fitz and Asa Leo

    -DD1: Ruby Adelaide
    --DH: Jasper August
    ---DS1: Nicholas Sage
    ---DD1: Lyra Rowan

    -DD2: Beatrix Elizabeth
    --DH: Judah Dashiell
    ---DD1: Freya Magnolia
    ---DD2: Gemma Juniper
    ---DD3: Ophelia Wren

    -DS1: Ignatius Maximiliano (Iggy)
    --DW: Arabella Verity
    ---DS: Archer Calvin
    ---DD: Bexley Octavia
    ---DS: Sullivan Ludovic (Sully)

    -DD3: Georgia Aurora (Georgie)
    --DH: Florian Gideon
    ---DD1/DD2: Trixie Nicole and Winnie Elizabeth

    -DS2: Otto Fitz
    ---DAS: Sirius Simon

    -DS3: Asa Leo
    --DW: Lux Briar-Rose
    ---DD: Alivia Lavender
    ---DS: Caden North (Cade)

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    DH: Israel Fox
    DW: Josephine Eilis
    -DD1: Molly Mia
    -DD2: Xenia Pearl
    -DS1: Lucian Emiliano
    -DD3: Georgia Chiara
    -DS2/DS3: Asa Charlie and Otto Xander

    -DD1: Molly Mia
    --DH: Julian Asher
    ---DS1: Joseph Ashley
    ---DD1: Matilda James

    -DD2: Xenia Pearl
    --DH: Isaiah Finn
    ---DD1: Elodie Marigold
    ---DD2: Zara Linden
    ---DD3: Anouk Sparrow

    -DS1: Lucian Emiliano
    --DW: Isabella True
    ---DS: Hunter Ivan
    ---DD: Finley Maeve
    ---DS: Carson Oliver

    -DD3: Georgia Chiara
    --DH: Eric Gabriel
    ---DD1/DD2: Izzy Taylor and Jules Amanda

    -DS2: Asa Charlie
    ---DAS: Orion Henry

    -DS3: Otto Xander
    --DW: Amy Anna-Rose
    ---DD: Tayla Ruby
    ---DS: Jayden Noble

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