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    Classic names with cute nicknames...Which one???

    After thinking long and hard we have some names that we can finally agree on for our hypothetical daughter!
    We've decided on a classic first name with a cute nn and a more unusual middle...we have 5 but still aren't 100% sure... So what's your favourite?

    PenelopeNell or PoppyHoliday

    And my husband loves Elizabeth "Bess" Holiday, but I've always though Elizabeth was a little boring.

    I'm still not sure they match with Bugsy, but i think I'll have to essentially give up with the matching thing, it's proving too difficult!
    Let me know what you think, and if you have any other better suggestions!
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    My favorite is Florence, but I prefer the nickname Florrie. Emilia is also very nice.

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    Coraline Winslet is lovely!
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    Although I do like Emilia, I dislike the nickname Milly for it. Since my name is Millie I have hated growing up with Emilias and Amelias using Millie as a nickname simply because I've never been able to understand how it has derived, in my opinion I think that Emmy or Mia is a much better suited nickname. My favourite out of the lot if Coraline "Cora" followed very very closely by Imogen "Immy". Elizabeth is one of my new loves however so if that is on the cards then I would have to go for that. Beth is my favourite nickname but there are loads of cute ones: Bess, Bessie, Betty, Ellie, Lizzie etc! Some food for thought: Emmeline, Cordelia, Clarissa, Cassandra, Evangeline, Elena, Lucia, Lucilla, Henrietta, Millicent.
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    I love these girls names that you have chosen. I actually think they feel right with a sibling called Bugsy.

    1. FlorenceFlossHoliday: I'm not usually a fan of Florence but I think it fits well with Bugsy. It's not common in Australia and the nn Floss is great.
    2. PenelopeNell or PoppyHoliday: Penelope is on my list. I like it with Holiday.
    3. ImogenImmyWinslet: Another of my personal favourites. Love
    4. CoralineCoraWinslet: watching Downton Abbey right now - love Cora
    5. EmiliaMillyWinslet: Emilia is very similar to Amelia which is quite popular which means there are lots of Millies running around playgrounds.

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