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Thread: Too weird?

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    You're probably right about Guillermo... I love it because it's exotic yet somewhat recognizable by non Spanish speakers. I speak Spanish and I am teaching Rowan, but my husband doesn't hardly speak a word (except maybe "cerveza por favor!" haha)

    I have considered Gwilym and Guillem but I find them a tad clunky. I love Welsh names usually, but Gwilym just sounds like someone slurring the name William.
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    I love Guillermo, but it may saddle a child with pron. issues. If you're going with the traditional pronunciation, Gee-Arm-Oh, you may have to correct a lot of people who call him Gwill-Ehr-Moe. If you are pronouncing it "Gwil-Ehr-Moe" he'll face being corrected by people who use the traditional pronunciation.
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    I love love love Guillermo. Go for it! It's a middle name.
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    I think Willem would be the better option. I personally love Wilhelm though.

    The problem with Guillermo is pn and people assuming he's in some way Hispanic, which in America could be a downside. There is so much racism going on towards Hispanics in America due to illegal immigrants.

    This is the reason my mom didn't give me or my sister Chinese names. If you're not white, you face discrimination, so the more white you appear the better off you are in society. People see my name on applications (Diana Rose) and can't tell I'm part Chinese until they see me in person.

    HOWEVER, it is a middle name, so it doesn't matter as much and in most cases you don't need to provide it. BUT I just wanted to point out the negative side.

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    When I was little, I knew an old man named Guillermo who was a hand at a friends ranch. He taught us how to put cans on our feet to make horsey clopping noises and used to make us tortillas with butter and salt. I think it's a lovely name. I think if you were considering it for the first name, it might be odd, especially if you aren't Hispanic. But in the middle? Omri Guillermo has a nice ring to it!
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