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Thread: Too weird?

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    Question Too weird?

    Okay, my husband's name is Will(iam) and I've always thought it would be cool to use his name somehow for a son's middle name (mostly because I've always loved the name William anyway...) but I don't want to use his name directly. So I was thinking about Guillermo or Willem. But then I started thinking... I am in no way Hispanic or Dutch. I feel like I have a connection to Mexico though and I do speak fluent Spanish, so I am more drawn to Guillermo. Would it be weird to use such a distinctly ethnic name that isn't my ethnicity?

    Also some general thoughts on Guillermo and Willem would be great. Thanks!
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    I think Willem is more 'appropriable' as it seems less overtly Dutch. Guillermo is screamingly Spanish. It's beautiful and melodic, but still very tied to its language of origin.

    There's always the medieval Wilkie or Wilkin, and Welsh Gwilym.
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    Is Spanish spoken in the house? If so, I see no problem with using Guillermo. I don't think it's necessary to only use names from your cultures, especially in the middle name spot. Especially in your case, where it's just a more exotic version of your husband's name. I do prefer Willem to Guillermo, especially if Spanish isn't spoken by everyone in the house. Guillermo can be a mouthful if you don't speak the language. Again, it's in the middle so that's not a deal breaker. The middle is where you have all the fun and toss the rules that society dictates for you out the window, at least it will be in our family.

    Edited to add: I just saw blade's suggestion of Wilkin which I've never heard. I love it!
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    I loooooove Willem! So handsome! I like that it's familiar but it's slightly off the path (kind of like how Edmund appeals to me over Edward- Willem appeals to me way more than William does).
    I really don't like Guillermo at all, sorry. When I lived in Spain, I met a kid named Guillem, which I like better than Guillermo.
    I'm all for using names even if it isn't from your cultural upbringing, though.
    Wilkin is pretty cool, and I love the suggestion of Gwilym.
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    I think Willem is more usable (or perceived as less ethnic, anyway.) Guillermo would be pushing it a bit. Guillem is a possible alternative that combines elements of both.
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